Still I Rise Therapy, Health and Wellness coaching will help you to empower yourself.

Make better life choices and live the life that you deserve.

 How would you feel to take control of your life?


Maybe your confidence is low and improving your self esteem would enable you to make stronger life choices?


  Maybe you need help to explore your relationships or to communicate more effectively?


Perhaps you feel anxious or depressed and you are unsure why, or what to do about it?


  I'm Sam.   I can help you with:

  • Boundaries

  • Self esteem

  • Confidence

  • Co-dependency 

  • Anxiety

  • Life/work balance

  • And much more!

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Further articles around Mental Health can be found here:  Sam Coleman – Medium

I am also a BetterHelp therapist.  My link can be viewed here as well as bookings taken:

Work with Samantha Flanagan - BetterHelp Online Therapist

Image by Miguel Bruna

Samantha Flanagan

Do you struggle with making your voice heard within your relationships? 

Would you like to be able to state your needs without fear of negative consequences?

Do you feel that you are walking on eggshells?

We all have experiences and events in our lives that can leave us feeling worn out, anxious or withdrawn. 


Maybe you are struggling to figure out how to move forward with your life or are feeling lost?

I'm here to tell you that things can get better.  You can empower yourself today.

Let's get started.  Contact me today.

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