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Samantha Flanagan

I have been a practising therapist and coach for six years.  Over those years I have worked with thousands of clients, like you, who were struggling and overwhelmed.I will use a range of tools and methods which best suits YOUR needs to help you.  This might be talk therapy, relaxation techniques, CBT and more.  In this way counselling with me will be a flexible approach depending on your way of working. 

My clients feel at ease when talking to me due to my relaxed and calm approach.  I understand how you may feel anxious when talking to a counsellor - after all, it's not easy talking to a stranger about your thoughts and fears.  Please rest assured I will help you in whatever way I can to help you to feel comfortable and at ease and together we will work through your problems.

The sessions.

  • Each session lasts for 60 minutes. 

  • I charge £50 per session. 

  • There is no 'homework' after the sessions, though if you feel that a tool that I have offered to you will benefit you through further practice then we can explore that.

  •  The first session will be about your main issues where you can tell me what is troubling you.  We will look at ways that we can work together moving forward. If there are a number of issues, we will explore which is the more pressing for you and get to work straight away.

  •  Change is never easy, and counselling can feel like a challenging process.  Sometimes things can feel difficult before they feel easier but rest assured, we can work together to help you to move forward with your life.



How Soon Can I Book an Appointment?

Please rest assured that I will do my best to accommodate you.  Client's can usually book in their first session within 7 days.

Is my Information Confidential?

As stated in the contract all counselling sessions with me are strictly confidential.  I abide by the rules and framework of the British Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors.

Do I Need to Attend Each Week?

No.  You can attend the sessions as and when needed. On the first session where I get to know more about you and your issues, I can advise how often you might need to come.  However, if you do come weekly for six sessions or more, you will see rapid progress.  After this you can attend fortnightly or monthly depending on your needs.

Can I Make Contact Between Sessions?

This is not usually advised.  Of course, if there is an urgent issue where you need to make contact with me then that is acceptable.  I would advise, where possible, to discuss any thoughts and feelings in sessions.  Writing down notes in between sessions is advised if you needed to remember what it is you wish to discuss.


Each session is £50 paid via BACS.  Payment made 48 hours before your session will confirm your attendance.

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